Becoming an Advanced Driver

Advanced Driving in NIThere are two main ways to become a qualified advanced driver.

Local Group System (STAC, Observer Runs)

Our preferred method, and that preferred by those having already taken their test, is by joining one of our local advanced driving groups.

By joining one of our groups as an Associate, you will be offered the IAM Skill for Life package with a range of advanced driving handbooks, demonstration drives, group tuition sessions, on-the-road coaching and the opportunity to share experiences with other's within the group. Once you pass your test you will become a full member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The groups run on a non-profit voluntary basis, and those that will be assisting you will have once been in the exact same position as you when you join.

The cost, set by the IAM, is currently £149, including your test fee.

However, AMNI is pleased to be able to offer a £20 discount for new members under 26 years of age. Please note this is a local discount and cannot be gained when purchasing on-line. The discount will be provided by whichever Group you join.

IAM Skill for Life - Self Training

The self learning option offers you the same range of advanced driving handbooks as with joining one of the affiliated groups, but you wont have the backup of experienced group members and will have to go it alone. We would only really recommend this to people that aren't able to attend a local group due to location or conflicting commitments.

The cost is the same £99 including your test fee with £10 off for members of 25 years old or under.