Marie Curie Ladies driving day 2012

108 ladies attended and had the opportunity to drive vehicles ranging from saloon cars as part of a manoeuvrability test, emergency vehicles, assorted commercial vehicles, Volvo dump trucks, off road vehicles, and the fun section (well it was all fun really) with a conference bicycle (6 people pedal a circular bicycle), segways and a golf buggy with steering that turned right when you steered left and vice versa. 

From the grins on faces (and the screams from the conference bike) it was clear that the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the experience and to cap it all the sun shone all day.  Thanks to all the North Down members who attended to help the day run smoothly.  It is estimated that some £15,000 was raised for Marie Curie.

Below is a small selection the range of vehicles which were available on the day.  To see these larger and to see a larger selection click on the following link

Marie Curie small images-0989.jpg

Marie Curie small images-0994.jpg

Marie Curie small images-0996.jpg

Marie Curie small images-1027.jpgMarie Curie small images-1011.jpg

Marie Curie small images-1058.jpgMarie Curie small images-1072.jpgMarie Curie small images-1083.jpg