The AMNI Group System

Although there are alternative routes to taking your advanced test, we have shown that through joining one of our local groups, and benefiting from the experience of others within the group, you will gain more from the advanced driving experience.

Most of the groups within Northern Ireland now operate a STAC (Short Term Associate Course) scheme. This usually involves a series of presentations and observed runs over a 3-4 month period at the end of which, the majority of new members are fully up to test standard. Of course, some drivers will progress more quickly or slowly than others, and may apply for the test whenever they feel ready. No pressure is put on you by the groups to do anything you are not fully confident with. They are only there to aid you in your progress, offer advice and encouragement and share their experiences.

In fact, after passing their own test many of our members go on and train to become a Qualified Observer and give something back to their group by coaching new members up to the IAM approved standard.

As a region we try to standardise the coaching of associates to the same high standard throughout the province having all groups observer training days at least once a year.