Advanced Driving

Advanced driving is all about improving your driving skills, with the aim to improve the safety of you, your passengers, and those on the roads around you. Through the experience you will find you become safer and more confident on the road and make better progress than previously.

Safety First

The most important objective of advanced driving is to give you the skills to drive with a higher level of awareness and technique with the end result bringing about fewer incidents and fewer deaths or severe injuries on our roads.

Better Technique

With our assistance, you will learn how to control your car with precision, always leaving adequate margin for error or mishap and how to drive appropriately in a wider range of situations, locations and weather conditions. An advanced driver will always take a systematic and controlled approach to driving allowing them to maximise concentration and allow for all eventualities.

Greater Progress

Although an advanced driver always obeys the law, you will find that you make better progress than before. This comes about through a higher level of awareness of hazards and other road users, better decision making abilities, and the confidence to safely take the opportunities that arise.

You will find driving more enjoyable, less stressful, and through the advanced technique, you'll actually help other drivers that you meet on the road.

Increased Confidence

Many drivers on our roads are not confident about making the right decisions. They may regularly hesitate unnecessarily, or prefer to park in quieter areas if they don’t have the skills and confidence required to make the manoeuvre that they ideally would want to.

Advanced driver training will give you these skills, and you will find that your confidence and enthusiasm will grow. You'll be able to predict other inexperienced or careless drivers’ potentially dangerous moves, and allow for mistakes before they even happen and as a result you will start to really enjoy driving.