AMNI Advanced Driving Test

Before we tell you what's involved in the advanced test, please take our assurances that there is nothing to be scared of.

Many people can be discouraged at the thought of a test but we wont ask you to do anything you're not ready to and if you don't want to take the test, that is your choice. The skills you learn along the way will be invaluable and although we do encourage all new members to go forward to take the test, it will never be forced.

Once our group of observers feel you are ready, you have the option to go out with one of our Senior Observers. They will be able to give you a run similar to that you would get on a test without any examination pressure being put on you. They can also offer some constructive criticism if your observers have missed anything in your driving technique.

Please remember, the group system is all about sharing knowledge and experiences and every one of the observers and senior observers that will be helping you will have been in the same position at an earlier time.

About The IAM Test

The IAM test will cover about 35-40 miles over a 90 minute period, covering all types of road and will include two manoeuvres. You will need to demonstrate that you are comfortable and safe driving in all situations at an appropriate speed, make progress safely and demonstrate a knowledge of the rules of the road. You aren't expected to perform a perfect drive, as this rarely happens with any driver, but simply drive the way you would every day and treat your examiner as you would any other passenger.

There are no trick questions or tasks designed to catch you out. You will only be expected to deal with the situations that you meet on your drive and you will be assessed accordingly.

On successful completion of the AMNI programme, you will be awarded an Institute of Advanced Motorists Advanced Driving Certificate.