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So, you may be wondering, "How do I become an advanced driver or advanced rider?"

Within Northern Ireland you have two options:

Local Group Coaching

Contact your preferred local group or come along to on their next meeting to find out more and sign up on the night. Some groups run STAC (Short Term Associate Training Course) schemes, which involve short classroom style sessions followed by practical driving runs, or if preferred or if you can't make the regualr group schedule, you can be assigned an Observer who will guide you towards your test.

The group sessions are offered FREE in addition to your IAM Skill for Life subscription which is available from all AMNI groups.

Click here to find your local group.

IAM Online

This involves paying for the ‘Skill for Life’ package on the IAM website. You will be sent a pack, and can then coach yourself through the programme with the aid of the material supplied. Unfortunately you wouldn't benefit from the same 'Young Driver' discount that the groups can offer, and you would be missing out on the free advice offered by the group members, but if you in a remote area, this could enable you to persue this challenge regardless.

How much does it cost?

The Skill For Life package, which includes your first years' membership of the group, Pass Your Advanced Test book, the Highway Code, the test fee, and one years' membership of the IAM when you pass, currently costs just £149.

*Motorcycle Observers can ask for a small contribution towards their own petrol costs.

Do I Need To Know Anything Else?

  • You must have access to a road legal vehicle and have a full a current driving licence. Unfortunately, restricted drivers in Northern Ireland cannot take the test due to the R Plate system. This is because the test will involve unrestricted roads such as motorways, where you may be required to exceed 45mph. The group is happy to start your training as you come to the end of your R Plate restriction. Give us a call to find out more.

Are You Already An Advanced Motorist?

Civilian Advanced Motorists

If you have already passed your test, but do not take an active part in Advanced Motoring locally, you are very welcome to join one of your regional groups. We would be particularly interested in hearing from you if you would like to either become an Observer, or assist the group in any other way.

Police Advanced Motorists

As a qualified police advanced driver, you would automatically be entitled to membership without having to sit the test. Whether you are serving or retired, the group is always keen to recruit members with experience of police driving instruction. As a group observer, there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in developing someone's driving or riding skills. Ultimately, IAM observers make a very real and practical contribution to road safety.

If you are interested in discussing this further, you can speak to us in confidence.

Observers are the backbone of AMNI and our groups and would simply not function without them. We only ask our observers to devote what time they can afford.