Benefits of Advanced Driving

Advanced Driving BenefitsEveryone has something to learn. Even the best and most experienced drivers make small mistakes, so we can all benefit from the advanced driver training and experience. For those of us that feel their driving skills are lacking, advanced training is a great approach to improving this.

These days, most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, so it’s an essential skill to have.


You will learn how to handle most of the more awkward situations that may arise on the road.

  • Roundabout Procedure
  • Parking
  • Manoeuvring
  • Car Control in the Wet, Ice or Snow

Even though many aspects of harder driving situations are taught and required for today's L test, much of this information is almost meaningless until the driver experiences these for themselves. As an advanced driver we will hope to build upon your own experiences, and help to further improve your expectations in conditions that you may not have already seen first hand. Of course, this applies equally to experienced drivers that may not be informed or practiced in the best approaches.

Also, as we all know, after passing our initial L tests, we all tend to slip into some bad habits. Some worse than others, but nonetheless, advanced driver training will aim to alleviate these habits and bring you up to a higher standard. From past experience, we are quite confident, that once you have reached that standard, you wont want to slip back.


Many people boast about their driving; some rightly and some wrongly. Passing the advanced driving test is proof of your skill at a nationally set and widely recognised standard. Working towards and passing your advanced driving test can be immensely rewarding.

Cheaper Motoring

This is achieved in many indirect ways. Many insurance companies recognise the IAM standard, and often give advanced drivers a significant discount on their premiums. In some cases, this can mean, hundreds of pounds saved.

Advanced driving techniques will help you save fuel, be more gentle and sympathetic to your vehicle, therefore decreasing your maintenance bills and of course you are going to be less likely to crash your car or be involved in an incident, so you'll reduce your insurance premiums, and save on potential repair costs. In fact, through caring for your car more, you'll help maintain it's residual value.

Personal Safety

Of course, our main aim is to save lives and reduce injuries on the roads. Statistics show that IAM members have a 25% lower accident rate and a 50-70% better driving record than non-members. That translates directly to safer roads, so surely this speaks for itself.