Belfast Advanced Motorists (BeAM)

The Belfast Advanced Motorists are affiliated to the national road safety charity IAM RoadSmart as Group 8044.

We were founded in 1961, making us one of the oldest groups in IAM RoadSmart and the first group to be established in Northern Ireland.

This Group, like all IAM RoadSmart groups, is made up completely of volunteers who are dedicated to advancing road safety through the improvement of driver standards. We ourselves are a Registered Charity in Northern Ireland as Registered Charity No: NIC100760

It is the aim of the Belfast Group to provide a high quality of training for the
IAM RoadSmart 'Advanced Driver' Course and offer Advanced Motoring to as many people in our area as possible. If you are interested in becoming an Advanced Driver via the Belfast Group please read on.


What training do we offer?

  • You will be assigned an Observer from the Group, who will sit with you in your car during observed runs, assess your driving and give advice on how to refine your driving to reach the Advanced Test standard. Your car must be taxed, insured and roadworthy.

  • On average, an associate member will take 6-8 observed runs, usually around an hour long, before reaching the standard.

  • With your help, we aim to have you ready for, or passed, the test within 3 to 6 months from when you start your training.

    • We advocate that you practice advanced driving techniques every time you drive, not just during observed runs! Keep reviewing your Highway Code and “Advanced Driver” course logbook and practice, practice, practice!

  • When you and your Observer believe you are at test standard, we will advise
    IAM RoadSmart you are test ready. They will assign you an examiner and your examiner will contact you to agree a mutually suitable date and time to conduct the test.


  • Restricted R-plate drivers cannot undertake Advanced driving training.

  • Restricted R-plate drivers cannot take the Advanced Driving test.

  • This is because Associates will be expected to drive at speeds in excess of 45 m.p.h. and up to 70 m.p.h. when The Law and conditions allow it.

  • Regrettably we currently have a waiting period from time of purchase of the Advanced Driver programme until we can assign you an Observer, this is an inconvenience we are working hard to resolve! 

 Where and when do we meet?

Venue: We currently do not have a fixed venue, we will update this section when we find a new fixed venue.
Dates: 2nd Wednesday of every month (except July) *
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm.

*Sometimes we meet on different dates and at different locations so do please check with us first.


Advanced Driver Course - Purchase options

 The current purchase price of the IAM RoadSmart "Advanced Driving" course is £149.
Purchase can be made by:

  1. Register & Purchase on-line at IAM RoadSmart (24/7)
    by way of Debit/Credit card.

  2. Register & Purchase by calling 0300 303 1134 (Office hours - Monday to Friday)
    using Debit/Credit card.

  3. Young drivers (under 26 years of age) will be provided with a £20 local refund by the Belfast Group when they start training with us, after the initial purchase.


Regardless of method used for purchase, the fee includes:

  • The Advanced Driving test fee.

  • First year membership of IAM RoadSmart as an Associate member, this upgraded to full membership on successful completion of the Advanced Driving Test.

  • First year membership of the Belfast Group of Advanced Motorists.

  • A current copy of the book “Advanced Driver” course logbook, supplied by IAM RoadSmart.
  • A current copy of The Highway Code (Northern Ireland) supplied by Belfast Advanced Motorists.

  • The Group’s monthly newsletter, Drivelines, which is how we keep you abreast of all planned activities.

  • Full access to Group activities.